Is Your Stash Scrappin'?

So I want to check in with everyone - are you using your stash? I have been really trying to use my stash and it feels really good! I've found the key for me to using my stash is keeping myself organized. Okay...everyone who has seen my craft room can stop laughing now! It seems my table and desk are always a mess and I have to "create" room to work. But I have been trying to get my paper organized. I have created some of my own "kits" out of paper that matches really nicely and embellishments I want to use with the paper.

The stickers and patterned paper are the same line from Sandylion so I wanted to keep them together. I added ribbon, buttons, a leftover journaling box, two pieces of leftover bling (a circle and a corner but they kind of got lost in the photo) and matching cardstock.  And I have everything together in a folder so it's ready to go when I am.

Another thing - I've organized is my scraps. I have to admit...I totally scraplifted this idea from a friend who is a 31 Consultant. I have my scraps organized in an Organizing Utility Tote.

I basically used the ROYGBIV [red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo (I did add pink), violet (I did purple)] system we all learned in school for my file folders plus I added a few for categories such as patterned paper, floral paper and animal prints. To give the file folders stability my friend put her folders in an Iris Open Top Holder, which fits nicely in the tote and works with the letter size manilla folders.

You can see in the first photo my file folders are worn a bit which means I've been using my scraps!!! Decide the smallest size scrap you want to keep and throw anything too small for you to use out! You want to keep organized but not clutter things up with pieces you won't use.

I have also been using the Organizing Utility Tote to keep my embellishments organized. My goal is to get down to only one bag of embellishments! Right now I have two bags with everything sorted nicely in large manilla folders. I was able to not have a "miscellaneous" category...I didn't want a catch-all category in case I didn't feel like organizing any new embellishments I!

I would love to hear what ways you've found to organize your supplies!

Happy crafting and be blessed!


  1. Way to go with your organisation. I have a huge file of scraps ordered by colour and I do use it frequently. I'm not organised enough to have all my paper packs and embellishments in packs but if I plan to go on a scrapbooking cruise crop next year I better get that organised LOL. Love your papers and embellishments BTW

  2. You are getting well organized Joyce and that always feels good doesn't it. I have been working in my room too to be better organized. I love keep all my scraps in the draw bins by color. This helps me to look there first to find a scrap in the color that I need. I use my scraps a lot but my piles never seem to go down. I think I've got to stop saving each itty bitty piece of scrap! lol Hugs


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