Spring is in the air...

Okay, so maybe the weather we've had this year is a little crazy. I don't feel like we really have much of a spring anymore. Summer is almost here and I feel like I've missed Spring. But Spring and Fall are my favorite times of the year. In the Spring I love to see the flowers bloom and everything come to life! We just moved the end of last year and I am so happy I took photos last Spring of a small section of our garden. Don't forget to scrap the wonderful day-to-day things in your life. They are just as important as the special events we add to our scrapbook.

I wanted to do a layout to show the blooming of our garden each Spring (okay...it's really my mom's handiwork...those that know me realize my garden wouldn't be this great...).

It goes from bare to beautiful in a matter of weeks....and I love it!

Be thankful for what you have and be blessed!


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