Saturday, March 28, 2015

Simply Saturday and Organization

Anyone who knows me knows "simply" and "organization" aren't two words I say! I have been doing the Get Organized Challenge with The Scrap Rack. The whole idea of the challenge is being organized and being able to find anything you need within seconds! Of course they have a great system they sell but also give advice on  using other items for organizing and there's a great FB group for ideas - 2011 Get Organized Challenge Group.

The organizational challenge is free and this is my third time doing the challenge (and I will need to do it!). I am what they call a "got a lotta" with my craft supplies :)   And yes, as I am organizing more and more I am finding I have purchased some things more than once...guess I really liked them! Plus I find I get distracted by all my goodies so it takes a long time...oh shiny!

But with the challenge, Tiffany (creator of the Scrap Rack) urges everyone to have a reward at the end of each week's challenge. And the first week is to create a big benefit board. So here is my benefit board...

I decided to do a full layout because I want to scrap about my hobby in my book about me. I figure the second page I will journal about the challenge. At some point I 'll do a large journaling about why I scrapboook, create cards, do paper crafting and why it all brings me so much joy. Not to mention the friendships I've made along the way.

So each of the tags has a reward on it. As I am completing each week's challenge I am writing on the back of the tag about it. Week 2 was a lunch with  my friend Michelle who is also doing the challenge (check out her page Majestic Memories) so I did a short journal of where we went and had an awesome lunch. Week 3 was spending some "me" time at Starbucks with a good book!
While I have talked alot...this was really a simple layout. The pages were pre-decorated and the pockets and tags were easy to make. It took me a lot longer to figure out what my challenge rewards were than to create the layout!

Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!

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  1. This sounds like a fun challenge Joyce! I love the idea of getting better organized and I think we can all relate to buying something more than once. lol I love the idea behind your layout and love how you are journaling about your hobby as well as rewarding yourself! Hugs, Brenda


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