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Have you ever tried using fabric when making a card? I discovered Farmhouse Memories in Paradise, PA last year during the Lancaster area Shop Hop. The owner, Rachel is so creative and so nice. She has some wonderful cards you can take pictures of while you are there so you can make them when you get home. She also has beautiful quilts, pursues, etc. she has made as well as a nice selection of regular scrapbooking supplies at Farmhouse Memories.

I found this adorable dog fabric that I just HAD to have. Below are five cards I've created with the fabric so far. The fabric is sold is a fat quarter (I am not a quilter so this was new to me). It doesn't seem like a lot of fabric but you can make so much out of one! I still have about 3/4 of my fat quarter left.

When working with fabric you need to adhere the fabric to a "sticky sheet" to prevent fraying. The sticky sheets I purchased from Rachel have adhesive on one side, which is the side you put the fabric on. The paper …

Happy July 4th!!

I hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday no matter what your plans are. Mine are to have a nice relaxing day at home with my pups. Today I want to share my all time favorite blog with everyone – One Good Thing By Jillee ( I would love for everyone to check her blog out. I've found some wonderful tips, tricks, ideas and recipes (the granola clusters are do die for!). As you know I am a scrapbook nut and need to photograph everything. But I have just a regular point and shoot camera so my evening July 4th pictures have never been the greatest. Jillee has a wonderful post today on how to take incredible sparkler photography. I am planning on buying my friend's daughter sparklers so I can try this! Here is the link to today's blog -

And here is one of the great sample photos Jillee has posted today:

You have to go to One Go…

A Heritage Album for My Mom

I have started an album for my mom of a lot of her favorite photos (and some of my favorites of her!). It was initially a surprise for her but I have given her about a dozen layouts so she knows now...and I can safely post without fear of ruining the surprise. Some of the layouts I wanted to keep extremely simple because I just loved the photo and didn't want to take anything away from it. I want the total focus of the page to be the photos - no beautiful elements, fancy ribbon, etc. Hopefully I've accomplished that with these two photos!

This one is obvious - my mom on her wedding day. Isn't she beautiful!!

And this is one of my mom and her brother. Mom is going to do the journaling on the page so that is why the journaling box is empty.

As we all know, journaling is extremely important - no matter how little or how much you choose to do. I learned that lesson the hard way. I would "finish" my albums and then go back and journal, sometimes a year or so later. Wi…