Sunday, August 4, 2013

Craft it Forward

A friend of mine put a challenge out there to "craft it forward". If you've seen the movie Pay it Forward, it's the same concept except your good deed to pay forward is a craft item!  She created for me a very cute decorated candy jar. Here is my craft it forward...a container filled with chocolate. Chocolate and scrapbooking - the perfect combination for an afternoon.

I participated in one of the Pajama Parties at Big Picture Classes - (They offer a number a free classes that have been fun - I haven't paid for any classes yet.) This one was by Close to My Heart. It was super easy (I had 3 to do) and a lot of fun. This is the one they did in the class but I didn't have the cartridge and stamp set. Plus I wanted to thank my friends for just being them.

I pulled this photo from my CTMH rep's Facebook page - Glitter Girl - CTMH Crafts. As she it better with bling...and I couldn't agree more!

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